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New Media Marketing Promotes Targeted "Cloud Invitation"

The 127th Canton Fair will be held online, which is a major initiative for innovative development during the special period and a completely new reengineering process. As a significant means to innovative promotion in recent years, new media marketing helps us better adapt to holding the Canton Fair online and it can play a better and major role in attracting buyers to register and attend the 127th Canton Fair.

Since it was announced to hold the Fair online on April 7th, we, at China Foreign Trade Centre, have been following the marketing rules, applying internet and cloud technology and promoting the new media marketing driven by big data and based on social media and search engine. We've launched targeted "cloud invitation" globally to step up promotion before the Fair and attract more specialized buyers to register during the Fair, to  help exhibitors optimize their international market layout and develop diversified markets.  

Clearer Goal

Based on the new features of Canton Fair online, we take it our primary goal to attract more buyers to visit our official website and complete the registration. We focus on increasing the number of buyers who can register and attend the fair.

More Complete Marketing System

We follow the industrial trend closely and establish a more complete "1+5+8" marketing system. Currently, the number of our social media fans has exceeded 1.72 million, ranking the first in the global exhibition industry.

More Specialized Marketing Content

To help buyers understand, attend and benefit from the Fair, we've drawn up content plans, made and delivered tailored content in different countries and industries, including overall situation about the Fair, functions on the online platform, guidance for registration and attending, highlights of exhibits and exhibitors, trade matchmaking activities, IPR protection etc, to further improve  specialized marketing content.

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